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DIY: Homemade Wreath

November 28, 2011

Happy Cyber Monday!

Has anyone found any good deals online? I looked for some, but didn’t find much that interested me. The best deals, I think, were still on Friday. Anyway, I have a project for all of you. Brendon and I have been trying to stock up on household items, like dishes, pots and pans, things like that, as well as decorations. Since I am an avid decorator and holiday lover, I like a house to spill cheery decorations from every corner; Christmas mats in place of normal ones, wreaths on every door, Christmas sheets and shower curtains, Christmas cups, plates and bowls in place of the normal year-round ones, etc. Excessive? Maybe, but it’s fun!  So, since we don’t have many decorations ourselves now, Brendon and I swung by Dollar Tree yesterday to see if we could find any decorations, and I decided to do a little project instead.

Homemade Christmas Wreath

The entire project cost me about $7. Pretty good deal, if you ask me, especially considering you can buy wreaths already done for usually no less than $20! This is a smaller wreath, but I’m sure the store had larger ones. You could find them at other stores, such as Hobby Lobby as well, for probably a little bit more, but still cheap!


One wreath

3 sets of little ornaments (that I cut into separate pieces, since they were all conjoined into one)

A pack of mini bells

A “Merry Christmas” ornament


First, I fluffed up the wreath to make it more round, and fuller. The bells all had little twisty-ties already attached, so I simply wrapped them around random “branches” towards the base.

Next, I placed the Merry Christmas ornament at the bottom of the wreath, and found a black twist-tie. I wrapped it around the middle of the ornament, and then tied it around the entire wreath itself, to ensure it stayed.

Just like this! (That’s the back of the wreath.)

After cutting the one-piece ornament into separate little balls, I did the same as I did with the bells. I wrapped each individual ornament around the wreath base. The picture above shows it better. The wreath has a metal circle, and then the wreath’s circle itself is attached to that, so I simply put the wire part of the ornament through the little space between each circle, and twisted the entire wire around the wreath.

Twist! Never mind my bandaid-ed finger. I was digging into a bag to find a piece to our tv, and cut it on a metal sign letter. It cut me pretty deep, surprisingly, so a bandaid was a necessity. Onto the project!

That’s what the twisted wire will look like on the back of the wreath once finished. Make sure to assemble all your ornaments sporadically, but organized so it looks even. This is my finished project!

And it’s now hanging on the inside part of our front door. Happy Holidays, friends!

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